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ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery 4

Crack strong passwords, recover strong encryption keys, and unlock documents in a production environment. Distributed Password Recovery Elcomsoft is a premium solution for courts and government agencies, data and password recovery services and business users with multiple network workstations connected via a local area network or the Internet. With unique, cost-effective acceleration and linear scaling technologies, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery provides the fastest and most in-depth password recovery and is the most technologically advanced password recovery product available today.

Distributed password recovery Elcomsoft uses revolutionary and patented technology to speed up password recovery if, in addition to CPU-only mode, there is a compatible NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. Hardware acceleration uses NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor cores, AMD graphics processors, and graphics processor cores built into Intel processors, including Intel HD Graphics, UHD graphics, and Intel Iris.

Acceleration technology offloads portions of computing onto the fast, high-performance processors of the latest graphics accelerators, achieving unprecedented recovery speeds that far exceed those available only to CPU users.

ElcomSoft is the first in the production of asynchronous hardware acceleration. Heterogeneous acceleration allows you to use multiple video cards of different makes and models, effectively use existing equipment and get the latest performance from every supported component

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