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A free alternative to Microsoft Office WPS Free Office is productivity software created by Kingsoft Office. As the name suggests, it is a free option for your daily office needs. Includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation. Free Office is compatible with Microsoft Office and can be a cost-effective option. It even manages to copy the perfect character with the basic services of a popular office. In addition, it works well with other known packages on the same device, such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice. In particular, it uses less space and resources than the second component (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); All the tools you need WPS Office Free offers the services that most office packages offer. It can create new documents or edit existing ones. In addition to the usual tools like adjusting style and size, adding slides, and creating formulas, it also has other additional costume features. These include the ability to track changes, print using Google Cloud Print, and encrypt files. You can also install additional fonts that you can add to your favorite application, and further develop the spreadsheet program by adding built-in formulas and support charts. At the same time, the presentation series has a narrator mode that presents the slide show with a laser pointer. You can use this cursor to draw on the screen. Finally, the free author’s view of AppWPS Office for Microsoft Word is in read-only mode. Here you can translate pages as a book. In addition, a PDF viewer is included, although you cannot edit your files and their competitions, the software also offers free cloud storage. However, you can only save small files, as they can be up to 1 GB. In addition, despite a complete list of services, WPS Free Office still lacks essentials. Unlike Microsoft Office, it does not have templates built-in. Users must download them from the Kingsoft website and upload them to the application to use them. In addition, the presentation does not have the same tools as animation and water management. WPS Office Free provides a template that resembles the new version of Microsoft Office. If you have ever used it, using this app is easy. It uses the same tape as all the most commonly used tools and well-displayed options. Finding the right menu or tools doesn’t take many years. As mentioned, the software has flexible system requirements, so you should be aware that WPS Office Free does not work like other free office suits. It does not allow users to use all its services. Instead, some services have timely access. Users need to look at the ads to find time to use them. This is a small sacrifice you have to make to enjoy the best software ideas. WPS Free Office is usually a useful alternative to MS Office. Her costumes have a complete list of suitable services. It is also versatile and integrates well with other similar programs. It also comes with a well-known tape connection that allows you to use it easily. However, it does not have many of the services offered by MS Office. Other tools will not be available until after viewing the ads. However, it still isthe best choice.

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