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MAGIX Samplitude Pro X6

MAGIX Samplitude is a powerful composition software for audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Like any other DAW software, it has features like recording, managing multiple audio tracks at once, applying audio effects like delay, echo, bass boost, mixing and automatic audio processing, connection to a media controller to create music, etc. One of the unique features of MAGIX Samplitude is the concept of object oriented audio editing. In this program, each track in the Arranger window is called an object. This concept is similar to the standard used in wav files. A lot of musical instruments that allow you to create any song have been fixed in this firmware. One of the most important features of DAW software is the mixer. The mixer in this program has the ability to mix 128 different audio channels.

One of the most important steps in creating a song is to connect the software to the media controller to create, edit, and edit a song. Several companies make these controllers, and most composition software, when connected to this hardware, is built into the audio program. This program also has this capability. Picasa x64 Torrent For those interested in making music on drums, this program offers several possibilities. It also has full audio file editing and audio mixing capabilities. There is also a professional audio recording tool which, when connected to the right microphone, will find its great strength. This tool can apply live sound effects to the input sound and play them on the desired output.

Features and specifications of MAGIX Samplitude:

With 19 musical instruments (drums, synthesizer, piano and banjo)

It has 8 virtual drums to produce hip hop, rock and jazz rhythms, etc.

Can be connected to a Midi controller

Multiple audio channels can be mixed simultaneously with 24-bit quality up to 96 kHz

Professional tools for mixing and mastering


system required

Processor: GHz

RAM: 2 GB (32 bit), 4 GB (64 bit)

Graphics card: integrated, minimum resolution 1024 768

Sound card: embedded

Hard disk space: 20 GB for Samplitude Pro X3, 90 GB for Samplitude Pro X3 Suite

Internet connection: required for program registration and verification, as well as for some program functions. The program requires a one-time registration.

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