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Paiton is a young black man who gets the opportunity to marry the upper classes of black society. But first he has to give up the secrets of the unborn child with his ex-girlfriend. She urgently needs money and time away from her fianc√© who knows nothing about the baby. He finds the solution with the rich and stubborn Gregory Devereauk (Keith David), an older counterpart of his favorite place for a dinner. Paiton, who hired Devereauk’s expropriated daughter to take care of him, quickly becomes Gregory’s curator, and Paiton’s problems seem to disappear. But as Devereauk approaches death – the marriage and birth of a baby are fast approaching – Gregory’s past sins force Paiton to reconsider his decisions as a man.
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Ultimately, he has to choose: get rich rich or do the right thing..

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