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Swing and its wings Cricket is a very exciting sport and can be very intense. For fans who want to feel what it’s like to play this exciting sport, EA Sports Cricket is here to provide you with just that. With various camera angles and 3D graphics, players will enjoy playing on the cricket field like a real international hip. The game offers a variety of modes that players can try out. This game mode will allow you to take part in many cricket events from around the world. For example, Exhibit mode will take you to the Cricket World Cup and Cricket World Series. This also allows you to explore foreign games and knockout cricket tournaments. The home way, on the other hand, allows you to play in a number of different tournaments such as Australian national cricket, throughout the season and the Temple Cup. During the match you will be able to face teams and leagues from other countries. So your team members and opponents are based on real professional cricketers, so if you’re a fan, hope to meet some of your idols here while you play. There are also about 35 stadiums where you can play (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Fight for your life Now, in terms of the game itself, this can be enjoyed by beginners and professionals without any worries. The game still adheres to the rules and the actual scoring system in the sport. Control will also not be a problem, as it is easy and quick to respond. Hitting a cricket ball and flying over a big stadium is definitely easy. EA Sports Cricket will be very interesting for you as it offers a perspective similar to the one you watch on live television. From the stand, you will be able to see the entire field, all the players and your character. It’s actually easier to control and measure the time the ball is thrown at you when you’re playing from a wide angle angle. In addition, players also have the chance to see their fortunes during the match via a challenging replay button. CricketEA Sports Cricket is a very addictive game to play that will make you jump from one tournament to another. Even players who were originally not sports fans will be one with how exciting this game is.

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