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Is! Are you ready for the last battle of Funkin on Friday night? WHOLE WHITE WEEK has been called Funkin Friday Night’s toughest fashion and it’s easy to see why. Whitty is a fierce rival. This mode offers a whole week of fights with Whitty, and the songs grow fast in every round, can’t be found. The changes have even added discounts and dialog boxes so you can keep track of your White Bomb. The fight continues in the musical game Friday Night Funkina, led by PaRappa Räppar and Dance Dance Revolution. WHOLE WHITE WEEK is Funkin ‘Friday Night mode and is available as an extra week. The game is opened by Whitty, who tears a poster from the father of her girls. He will address you, with a smile on his face and the first battle; (function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); You have to be able to beat Whitty in a sweet song. There are no Pico, Monster and Skid and Pump this week; you just win the battle against Whitty. Use WASD or arrow keys to better compare each floating arrow. The result of each round is determined by a counter at the bottom of the screen. The meter can be moved to the left or; It moves left in case of victory and to the right in case of defeat. The meter changes between green or red, depending on how well you play. You can play this game in one of three ways: easy, medium and hard. The simple mode of operation in this mode is already very complicated; The music is fast and has a complex combination of arrows. To achieve this on Friday night, WhittyAvid Challenge players need a lot of focus that Funkin should try ALL DAY. It’s hard to finish, but it’s also great to test your accuracy and time out. Adding a discount creates a bigger world than what you see on the screen. That makes playing the game more fun because you and the characters know what it’s all about;

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