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Free software for using Excel spreadsheets Microsoft Excel Viewer is a free program that allows you to view and print spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel without having the program installed on your computer. With an Excel-style interface, this official application developed by Microsoft allows you to view documents in a familiar way, but without changing a simple program. Microsoft Office is arguably the most popular package today, and most companies use Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); However, the Office suite is expensive, so luckily you can view Excel files without paying, configuring, or configuring the application. With Microsoft Excel Viewer, you can open, view, and print Excel files for free. Because it is an official application developed by Microsoft that makes using spreadsheets easy, it is absolutely secure. Note that Microsoft recommends that you install additional programs during the installation of Microsoft Excel Viewer. Please review the rules before accepting. What can you do with Microsoft Excel Viewer? This program has a simple interface that allows you to open and read spreadsheets at the touch of a button. All you have to do is open the program, find the file you want to view and open it. Unfortunately, you can’t edit or change documents with this software. Also, you can’t create or save a new spreadsheet, just print. Because its functions are so simple, it is very light. The hardware it uses is quite a bit. It does not slow down your system and it works with any version of Excel. The Microsoft Excel Viewer interface uses the official ribbon design, so it looks like you are using Excel yourself. Once the app is launched, it is very easy to grab and use. The application has a special tool for printing Excel files. It includes the specified page, all margins, page orientation, and more, as well as a preview window. It is also possible to copy a certain amount of text or specify a small print area. The options available to you Microsoft Excel Viewer is theoretically very convenient. However, this severely limits you and there are many options that do not. For example, you can use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. It has an Excel web application feature that opens spreadsheets through your browser and lets you edit the file. Taking Google Spreadsheets is another way to import and export Excel spreadsheets quickly and easily. You can use Google Spreadshets as long as you have a Google Account. Zoho Sheet is another way to access spreadsheets through a web browser using URLs or direct downloads from your computer. Finally, if you want to view and edit documents offline, OpenOffice is a great open source option. Additional features and issues You can use this program to view the latest versions of Excel workbooks, but the latest features are not displayed. Viewer supports all Excel file formats. You can only get a 32-bit version of the app, but it also works on a 64-bit operating system. However, you cannot run macros in the programeven if you can open macro-supported files. As for the spark lines, you will not see them in this view, only the empty cells in place. For slices, they do not show information to the public. You will only see a message indicating an error. All in all, Microsoft Excel Viewer includes all the basic features of Excel, but not for more complex spreadsheets. Privacy Because Microsoft Excel Viewer comes directly from Microsoft, this program is subject to the same Microsoft Privacy Policy. According to an official statement from Microsoft, this program, like everyone else, only collects your information to improve the experience and never sells it to third parties. In addition, they encrypt all your files to ensure many restrictions. Microsoft Excel Viewer is a useful tool if you are not an Excel user and want to view a spreadsheet. However, there are many options that allow you to manage the file you are viewing much better, even without the Microsoft Office suite.

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