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Aquaman 2018

Arthur Curry, an heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, of human origin, tries to prevent a war between the worlds of the ocean and the land.
James Van Writers:
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (screenplay), Will Bill (screenplay) | Born on the shores of the surface world, Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) discovers that he is only half human and the other half of his blood comes from Atlantis, making him the rightful heir to the throne of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. However, Arthur discovers that Atlantis is ruled by his evil half-brother Orme (Patrick Wilson), who is trying to unite the seven underwater kingdoms and wage war on the surface. With the help of Nuidis Vulco (Willem Dafoe) and the amazing Mary (Amber Heard), Arthur must unleash the full potential of his true destiny and become Aquaman to save Atlantis and the surface from Orm’s evil plan.

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