“We produce the best results for our clients, the main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction”

– Adam Sendler


We are a group of discreet DVLA assistance agents that have come together to assist
persons with disabilities, language issues and busy work schedules acquire their full UK license.
It is important to note that, this is a direct system registration process
and all applicants do not seat for any exams or test.
We are a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency holding over 5 thousand succesfull license process records
and over 1 thousand vehicle records. We process around 5 hundred licenses a year.

LARRY LICENSE  AGENCY is a discreet and not an executive agency.

Full Uk driving licence

Having a Driving Licence is an important life skill which gives you the freedom to drive a car and get away from public transport. The Driving Licence is issued by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)

Motorbike licence

To ride on public roads you first need to get a provisional licence and then complete compulsory basic training ( CBT ) to get a certificate. You must pass both parts of your practical test within 2 years of taking the theory test.

Hgv and lgv licence

A large goods vehicle (LGV), also called a heavy goods vehicle (HGV), is the European Union (EU) term for any truck with a gross combination mass (GCM) of over 3,500 kg (7,716 lb).

Resident permit

The United Kingdom's residence permits are immigration authorizations showing foreigners' entitlement to live, be active, use public funds and services, and/or to settle, or become British citizens in the UK.

Life in the Uk test

How long is the Life in the UK certificate valid? Once you get it, your pass certificate will be valid for life. In other words, you will never need to take the test again

Practical only

Passing the Practical Driving Test is a key part of getting your Driving Licence. You are likely to spend most of your time preparing for this assessment.



Am proud to say Larry agency helped me get my licence without sitting for the theory year or practical
I wrote the theory test 4 times but yet couldn’t make it. When I heard of this agency I had to try it. Now am proud to say I had my licence without sitting for the theory or practical
sales Agent
I am disabled as I have hearing problems. This has been a problem getting my licence for the past 4 years but Larrylicenceagecy helped me overcome that.


Change Address On Drivers License

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Band ScoreUpliftment

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Renew Expired  License

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3 days express License

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Drivers think parallel parking is the trickiest driving manoeuvre, according to a new poll. The slow, slight and precise movement and the two words every learner driver dreads to hear, emerged top in a survey of 2,000 UK motorists. When searching for a spot, drivers are happy to drive almost a hundred metres further than necessary to find an easier place, if the first space looks a bit tight for a parallel park.

People who have a degree or post-graduate qualification are more likely to have a higher number of failed driving tests than people with no GCSEs, according to new research. Insurers Privilege DriveXpert conducted the analysis of 1,564 people with a full UK driving licence and found that 59 percent of those with no qualifications passed first time, falling to 51 percent for those with A-levels.

The driving test has undergone its most significant shake up since the written theory exam was introduced in 1996. The practical test has been changed to make it a more realistic assessment of learners’ driving ability. From Monday the length of independent driving is being doubled to 20 minutes and candidates will have to follow directions from a sat nav.

Mirror-signal-manoeuvre: one wet December morning in Coventry in the late Seventies, I followed the learner-driver’s mantra and fluked my way through a driving test at my first attempt. How different were those times? The car was an Austin Allegro, one of the worst vehicles ever created by Britain’s then-decrepit motor industry;